All jack and bore crossings of petroleum pipelines are now concluded, with the completion of the Enbridge and Vector bores just before the Thanksgiving holiday. Lowe Construction was on-site to perform the work. A 48″ diameter steel pipe was bored under the oil and gas utilities to provide for a trenchless crossing. Safety coordination and utility representative oversight was top priority as the work progressed. This crossing was completed safely and without incident.

Preparations for cast-in-place concrete structures began immediately following the completion of the bore. These and other drainage structures, as well as storm sewer installation will take place next to connect the bored steel pipe to the already installed portion of the relocated Bauer Drain. All this work is in an effort to conclude major work items along Grimes Road before the end of 2021, weather dependent.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Terry Belill, inspector, 989-996-5228.

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