Drain relocation progress over the last two weeks brings our crews within 400 feet of Grime Roads. At this rate, the contractor should be starting construction within the roadway at the beginning of next week, weather dependent. Groundwater dewatering has been integral to progress with the high groundwater levels in the current work area. The contractor has worked ahead to install dewatering facilities to best manage the groundwater going forward.

As the work commences within Grimes Road, the road will be closed with a detour following Dexter Trail, Mt Pleasant Road, and Swan Road. Local traffic, private access drives, and access for emergency services will be maintained at all time. Please find a detour map available on our Project Maps page. The closure will likely last several months as crews install the relocated Bauer Drain, cross critical pipeline utilities, and pave Grime Road back in asphalt from Swan Road to Dexter Trail.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Terry Belill, inspector, 989-996-5228.


Survey staking has been completed and our contractor will begin to mobilize equipment and materials next week, July 12-16, 2021. Informational signage will be placed prior to any work commencing on the pathway, to keep pedestrians informed. While crews work along the creek, additional personnel will be available to keep pedestrians safe and to answer any questions about the project.

The construction along the Sycamore Creek will include the installation of in-stream measures designed to improve the stream. To learn more about these in-stream measures, go to the Stream Mitigation page. Check the Project Maps page to see where we are working each week. Given the nature of the work, our contractor may be delayed by weather conditions.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Terry Belill, inspector, 989-996-5228.