Major Construction Wraps-up at Bauer Drain

Over the past month, the contractor has worked to complete the last major work items on the drain and prepare the site to be seeded so that vegetation may be restored to disturbed areas. This work included the restoration of laydown areas and hauling routes, installation of trash racks on pipe ends, and placing concrete for the final junction chamber cap.

Over the next several weeks, regular inspections will be made to monitor the grass growth and correct any deficiencies noted. Additional work will be needed at each junction chamber to install access hatches and other items, which will take place over the next few months.

If you have any questions or concerns with the conditions of the work site, please contact Terry Belill, inspector, 989-996-5228.


Work through the winter months has been dependent on weather conditions; however, a lot of progress has been made on-site with the Bauer Drain Relocation project. The primary work items include junction chamber construction and channel grading work adjacent to the petroleum storage properties.

Four junction chambers have been constructed on-site. The first two were constructed on the relocated Drain adjacent to the Enbridge and Vector pipelines to provide access for maintenance of the Drain under the pipelines. The third chamber was constructed along Grimes Road to act as an isolation point for stormwater runoff from Enbridge’s terminal facility. The last chamber was constructed west of Mt. Pleasant Road as an isolation point for stormwater from the Wolverine and Marathon properties. All chamber’s are currently secured using steel plates, as their lids are being manufactured off-site.

Work to fill and re-grade the existing channel, according to EGLE Permit No. WRP023342 v. 1, is currently underway for sections of the channel between Grimes Road and Mt Pleasant Road. This work also includes the removal, installation, and reconfiguration of several Drain crossings.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Terry Belill, inspector, 989-996-5228.


Jack and bore crossings of petroleum pipelines began last week and were completed Monday, September 20. This is the first of two jack and bore crossings to be completed on the project. Lowe Construction was on-site to perform the work. A 48″ diameter steel pipe was bored under the Wolverine Pipe Line utilities to provide for a trenchless crossing. Safety coordination and utility representative oversight was top priority as the work progressed. This crossing was completed safely and without incident.

Storm sewer installation will continue to connect the bored steel pipe to the already installed portion of the relocated Bauer Drain. Preparations will begin within the next week to perform the remaining jack and bore operation under petroleum pipelines on the other portions of the project.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Terry Belill, inspector, 989-996-5228.