Work Nearly Complete At Bauer Drain

The work areas that have been occupied by heavy construction equipment over the past 18 months are starting to green up with new vegetation as the Bauer Drain and Sycamore Creek Mitigation Project draws to a close. Contractors are working on finishing touches on-site including grass growth and other minor adjustments and corrections as the newly relocated Drain flows under Grimes Road and around the tank storage facilities. The Hayhoe Riverwalk in the City of Mason has residents and wildlife alike enjoying the improvements along the Sycamore Creek.

Minor work items will be completed within the next month before final completion status is reached. If you have any questions or concerns with the conditions of the work site, please contact Terry Belill, inspector, 989-996-5228.


Our contractor began work last week installing stream measures within the Sycamore Creek. Weather delays prevented work from being performed on Friday, July 16. Our contractor has resumed work this morning and will be working all week, weather permitting. Please be aware of equipment moving along the Hayhoe Riverwalk, as part of the project. Personnel will be onsite to direct pedestrians and keep the work area safe. If you would like more information on the types of measures being installed, visit our stream mitigation page.

The Sycamore Creek Enhancement Project is being constructed as mitigation for the Bauer Drain Relocation Project by a contractor retained by the Ingham County Drain Commissioner Patrick E Lindemann.  If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Terry Belill, inspector, 989-996-5228, or Meredith Freeby, inspector, 269-254-7016.


Survey staking has been completed and our contractor will begin to mobilize equipment and materials next week, July 12-16, 2021. Informational signage will be placed prior to any work commencing on the pathway, to keep pedestrians informed. While crews work along the creek, additional personnel will be available to keep pedestrians safe and to answer any questions about the project.

The construction along the Sycamore Creek will include the installation of in-stream measures designed to improve the stream. To learn more about these in-stream measures, go to the Stream Mitigation page. Check the Project Maps page to see where we are working each week. Given the nature of the work, our contractor may be delayed by weather conditions.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Terry Belill, inspector, 989-996-5228.


Elliptical pipe installation continues on the Bauer Drain Relocation project. The crews are making good progress this week following significant weather delays before the Fourth of July holiday. From June 25-27, approximately 4.2 inches of rain fell at the Bauer Drain project site. This amount of rain was equal to a storm that may statistically occur once every 10-25 years.

The elliptical pipe installation is scheduled to complete this week, and the crews will continue to conventional storm sewer installation, working west towards Grimes Road. The crews will also be mobilizing within the next week to the Sycamore Creek stream mitigation portion of the project in the City of Mason.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Terry Belill, inspector, 989-996-5228.